Veil of Eternity

Veil of Eternity - Land of the Shadows


Veil of Eternity is a metal music project from Osijek, Croatia (Europe). It was founded in 2018. by Hrvoje Hrženjak and Saša Cvitkušić. They are the only permanent members of the project, but their songs also feature other, session musicians. The focus of the music project is to create songs that surpass the borders of typical metal music genres. As the founders would say: “We are bound by nothing. If it sounds good to us, it is good. Why limit ourselves by usual definitions of music genres?” The primary goal of Veil of Eternity is to provide a creative outlet for the people involved with it and to bring joy and happiness to anyone listening to the songs.

The first album, called Land of the Shadows, is to be released on April 1st of this year. It is a concept album dedicated to the eternal fight between good and evil. The evil is represented by two demon-like White crows who rule the world, spreading darkness and pain wherever they go. It is a fictional, fantasy setting which spreads across ten interesting songs.

Fun fact: The whole first album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the founders in a humble home studio which consists of a laptop, small USB audio interface, budget friendly studio monitors and a cheap microphone. No more, no less. 😀


Here, you can listen to a couple of songs from Veil of Eternity, published on You Tube.


Instagram: @veilofeternityofficial